Good morning and good day.

I’ve been around the house all day, distancing myself. Planted some veggies, pulled some weeds. Still only 1 case here in Pensacola, so that’s good. They didn’t get me either today lol! 15,905 and 208 are the numbers in case you have been under a rock. Free money from the government again. That’s twice in my lifetime. Amazing times.


Today felt weird.  Didn’t want to leave the house. The one time I did, it was just to go to Mom’s and pick up some Chili John made. On the drive, I saw 15-20 cyclists just doing their thing. Having a lovely ride this afternoon. I found myself wondering who the fools are. Them or me? Anyway, be safe y’all. 

Wednesday so far…

Walmart no deliveries or pickups scheduled for next 7 days.
Manna food bank no appointments until Monday.
In the USA, 7111 cases 117 deaths. That number will rise rapidly as testing improves, we are not to be confused with being ‘like italy’ when it swells.

Tuesday March 17 Evening

Death toll reported at 111 in the USA. Mostly over 60, mostly in elder living.

Publix in Pensacola, pretty much out of all staples, including bread, dairy, eggs, meats, rice, etc, etc… struggling to keep ahead of record breaking demands.

People, we have power and gas, be smart and don’t buy all the damn groceries all at once, mkay?

No gatherings of more than 10

No group eating, no dine in, states have new leeway, hipaa released, relief to industries and business going to happen, says trumpy. Drive thru tests coming, asking people to buy less, singing praises of Walmart and so forth. Asking workers who can work from home do.

Tuesday – Primaries?

Today’s news, no paper anywhere, dining room closed at Panda Express, Publix has literally no chicken or hamburger meat. No new fl case talk. White House giving the oh shit this is bad press release in a few mins.